10 Misconceptions around Poker game

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For both offline and online poker game players, misconceptions are a common area for myths. This post discusses the common misconceptions in the poker world using data from the survey of professional poker players conducted by NAPL. These misconceptions were found through analysing the results from a professional player’s survey.

It’s not uncommon for online poker games to be fixed by casinos

One of the biggest misconceptions about online poker is that there’s always a trick in the game. However, there’s never a trick in online poker games. Because of this fact, online poker games are the most beneficial way to play and won’t have any cheaters.

In order to eliminate cheating, online casinos spend many hours and resources on developing secure networks on which to play. Every online site uses a Random number Generator that chooses randomly from a deck of cards that never change to ensure players will keep playing long after they’ve lost their wad.

Traditionally, poker has been considered a man’s game

Gender has not been a significant factor when it comes to where people chose to play Poker. In fact, both women and men enjoy a game of Poker- regardless of the game. Women have continually come up in recent years and have even reached the highest levels of poker. Jennifer Harman is one such example, having played against some of the best players in the world such as Phil Ivey, who was recently inducted into Poker Hall of Fame.

Poker players are multi-millionaires who live opulent lives

This myth of the poker player is popularised by James Bond films. It’s not right to assume that all players are millionaires and that anyone can become a pro. Poker has evolved; with online casinos, anyone can be a professional. Some people even achieve better rates of return on their bets through rebounding after losing streaks.

Poker is a game for experienced players only

The term “never die attitude” has been disproved in recent years. People of lesser experience who don’t play professional poker typically win major poker game tournaments. It is seen that people of this demeanour are more likely to stay optimistic and point themselves in the right direction in the long run which indicates that Poker is more a game of wanting to learn and achieve something on the individual level. With online Poker, it becomes much easier for a person to practice and learn new strategies but become an expert at some point.

To win at poker, you must excel at bluffing

Bluffing is a skill that poker players use to get an edge over opponents. This can be done online or offline depending on the situation, but many people think it’s about bluffing. One misconception that beginners believe is that anyone can win at poker. This isn’t always the case. Those who only rely on their inherent skills may end up losing in the end, so it is important to master other tactics as well.

To win, you’ll need exceptional maths skills

Some beginners have trouble starting to play poker, because they’re told the best players are maths geniuses. In fact, even though you need a high IQ to succeed at poker and make good decisions, you don’t need related knowledge. You just need to take other players into consideration and determine the next move.

Poker is a straightforward game to learn

There is a lot of money in poker, but it’s hard to master the game. You need discipline and time to win consistently. Winning offers an increased sense of worth, but just because you’ve mastered the game doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work. For example, if your winning streak has ended and you decided to play for fun, it can be a difficult process of clearing away your winnings from the platform you originally played on when some people can offer more ways for “industry standard” payments so make sure you pick a good Poker platform.

Poker Face

One of the most widely held beliefs in poker is the concept of a poker face, or being emotionless while playing a game. With online poker becoming more popular, this old myth that you need a poker face to win has been proven false in a competitive setting as long as you are not playing against other players who share the same flaws. Online poker games have contributed to the debunking of this misconception, with people becoming interested in learning how to play.

Online poker is untrustworthy

With so many people now playing online poker real money, card games are no longer just available in traditional styles. Instead of having a deck of cards on hand, many gamers nowadays choose to play poker on the internet or at online platforms such as AIO Games. At AIO Games players can develop their own tactics and skills by learning how to effectively bluff and read others with online Poker.

Poker players that are more aggressive have a better shot at winning

Managing your emotions is key to winning this game. Playing aggressive might lead to hasty decisions and losing the game. Playing aggressively can lead to favourable outcomes, but most of the time, it will more than likely leave you disappointed. Play with caution and avoid getting misled by all the myths about poker!


You have now learned about some of the misconceptions surrounding Poker that can often lead to players overestimating their skills. Often, tournaments will have a payout structure where you can lose for months without even winning one hand. On the other hand, being part of a weaker player group within your competition group on the short-term can lead you to think that you’re much stronger than you actually are, as you’ve been winning more hands.

To accurately get a sense of things like ROI in poker tournaments, you need to play thousands of similar tournaments. The players that try their damndest are the ones who most often succeed. This beautiful game can teach you the mindset you need to dominate it.

By registering on AIO Games, you can play multiple Poker tournaments with the prospect of winning real cash. Download the app and enter any event to get your competition going. A variety of Poker games are available, with chances to win big rewards.

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