How to Use Your Amazon Best Sellers Rank To Your Advantage

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Amazon Best Seller Rank is the essential parameter sellers depend on. A seller’s Amazon bestseller rank is the number in the range from 1-200, which will help him see how many times his product has been sold on Amazon.

Many individuals are now looking for different kinds of Amazon sellers who rank the best. Some people want to use it as a source of income, and some are simply interested in improving their online business.

But before getting into anything else, first, you should know how to use your Amazon best sellers rank correctly. I would not suggest anybody use it without proper knowledge.

What is your Amazon best seller rank?

You might be wondering what best sellers rank is; it is the percentage number representing the best-selling products on Amazon. For instance, if the best-selling product has the status of 4, then the ranking of 1 will be the second ranked product, and so on.

What can you use your Amazon bestseller rank for?

It is effortless; you can use your rank to get more attention to your products and get more sales. When a product’s ranking is high, you get more traffic, and the search engines will display your product for potential buyers.

So you must have understood that Amazon’s best seller rank is meaningful and valuable, but how can you improve it. If you have sufficient time and patience, then I am sure you will achieve something with your best seller’s rank. I will give you some tips to improve it.

What are the different ways you can improve your best sellers rank?

The first tip that you can use to increase the rank is to make your products look appealing. You can do that by designing it excellently and adding images and descriptions. If you add a catchy title, it will attract more potential buyers, and they might end up purchasing it.

The second way to increase your best seller rank is by offering better discounts and promotions. When you offer discounts and promotions, you will get a chance to get more customers. But you have to keep in mind that the values and upgrades must be particular and not common ones.

How can you use the Amazon search bar?

You can also use the search bar to get more traffic to your product and get more sales. But you have to retain in mind your product must be added to the search bar correctly and with a great title. It is the most common way many people use, but you must try it once. It may take some time, but I am sure you will enjoy it when it’s done.


In conclusion, these are some ways to use your Amazon best sellers rank correctly to increase the rank of your products. So, try them out and see what results from you will get. You should understand that even if you use only one method, it will not work, and you have to use all of them.

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