Points To Consider When Building Increased Vegetable Garden Beds

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Raised veggie yard beds are becoming a quick trending approach for gardening today and most likely also in the future due to all its benefits. Attempt thinking of a globe wherein we can also plant in the most barren of lands or a world wherein we can expand plants inside structures and on roofs using this kind of gardening approach. This could also resolve food lack in some parts of the globe. This is why I would like to share my own experience in structure-raised corrugated metal garden beds with the intent that we pass it on to the next generation.

There are some points that we need to consider when constructing your very own elevated veggie garden beds:


The place where you construct your elevated garden boxes is really important since, to start with, yard beds are very tough to move around. You would have to take apart the whole structure simply to relocate elsewhere. Secondly, your garden beds must be located where they can receive enough sunlight, but not too much, so you need to place them where they can get sunlight in the morning and shade in the afternoon. Also, it requires to be in a place where it will certainly be protected from bad weather. The optimal area for it would be on the east side of your house, where the sunlight increases; in this way, your plants will be shaded in the afternoon.


If you plan to use timber, then one of the most suitable kinds would certainly be Cedar and metal. Both have a natural resistance to rot and insects, or you can also use recycled timber, which is made from recycled products like sawdust, metal, and plastic. So on, that makes it extra budget-friendly than the various other two. You can also utilize materials you can find around you, such as using blocks, blocks, boulders, or other things to save cash. Use your ingenious concepts!

Measurements and also Spacing

The most preferred measurement of the areas of the yard beds will depend upon you. The measures ought to be determined in a manner that will certainly be convenient for you. All plants should be within your reach. Allow 20 – 24 inches of vast pathways in the center and see to it to space your growing room to prevent over-crowding your garden beds.

Soil Structure

The most essential of all, choose the best sort of soil to use and grow naturally. Researches show that vegetables keep even more nutrients when they are organically expanded. So, to start your natural method of planting, pick the best sort of dirt and simply blend it with all-natural plant foods. You may want silt dirt and loam; these two are one of the ideal gardening dirt.

So, before constructing your very own elevated vegetable yard beds, consider whatever initially and outline your yard first.

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