TDS Internet Services: A Quick Overview

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TDS Telecom is a telecommunications service provider that serves customers in 27 states. Like the majority of the country’s telephone providers, TDS makes full use of its wire network to deliver both internet and television services. The company also provides internet service to customers in 11 states with its cable TV network.

Customers in rural and suburban areas are the primary focus of TDS’s service. Still, it does cover some densely populated urban areas as well. Fiber-optics networks have been added to TDS’s assets, providing high-speed internet to residents and businesses in 22 states.

DSL customers outnumber fiber and cable internet customers by a wide margin. As of September 2013, it is the ninth-largest U.S. DSL internet service provider. ADSL is used to implement this service, which provides more bandwidth for downloading than uploading. Broadband internet services are typically delivered using this approach.

Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. is the full name of the parent company. When TDS was first established as a local telephone company in Wisconsin in 1969, the company’s headquarters were located in Madison, Wisconsin.

A full review of TDS telecom

For the most part, TDS is a good option for those who want to get their internet, phone, and television services all in one package.

  • Money-back guarantee for the first thirty days
  • Speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second with no contract or setup fees
  • As a result, there are no limits on the amount of
  • Low-income families are eligible for a discounted package.
The drawbacks of TDS
  • There are many small pockets of coverage throughout the area.
  • Price varies greatly from location to location, as does service quality.
What You Need to Know About TDS

Where it has built a fiber-optic network, TDS provides the best service. Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin all have a branch of this network in some form or other.

Only a few urban areas within the service area are served by the company’s fiber network, which is located in rural areas. As a result, the great Gigabit speeds are not available to most TDS customers. TDS receives federal and state government subsidies and concessions as part of its rural network expansion strategy. But this financial aid is not enough to make fiber-optic cable profitable in remote areas. Copper telephone wires are used to deliver internet services in those areas.

Thanks to the FCC’s Connect America Fund, the company is rapidly expanding its fiber-optic network in urban areas. Installing new fiber runs is part of TDS’ ten-year plan. Even though TDS offers discounts on internet service and bundles for two years, customers are not required to sign a contract. As stated in the headline, “no contracts are being imposed on customers” In reality, there is a service agreement, which is a contract.

The company has more obligations and responsibilities than the customer. For the first two years of the agreement, the company is obligated to discount $10 on internet-only plans and internet and TV plans and $20 on bundles that include internet, TV, and phone services, respectively. Internet speeds of 1 Gbps or 300 Mbps are available in popular TDS bundles, including cable television service with up to 180 channels. Both with and without landline phone services are available.

Lifeline’s government program provides discounts on TDS internet plans for low-income households. Government assistance recipients can apply for the Lifeline program, which provides free phone service to low-income families and individuals. Lifeline eligibility requirements differ from state to state. A $9.25 internet subscription discount is available to those who qualify for the program.

TDS plans

TDS has a variety of internet-only plans available. Fiber optics are used for all of these services.

Extreme 300
  • The download speed is 300 Mbps
  • There is no minimum term
  • No data caps
Extreme 600
  • The download speed is 600 Mbps
  • There is no minimum term
  • No data caps
1 Gig
  • The download speed is 1 Gbps
  • There is no minimum term
  • No data caps
Selecting TDS Programs

TDS’s website isn’t very user-friendly. There is no public information until the user enters an address in the system. Finding the right internet service plan can be difficult because the company has separate websites for its DSL and fiber internet services.

TDS’s customer support

TDS provides each customer with an email address. On the TDS website, you can see all the emails that have been sent to that address. Credentials are required to access a customer-only section of the website. As a result, the account’s home page is only visible to the specific customer.

Customers can call TDS’s call center using a free phone number provided by the company. Technical support and the accounts and sales departments can also be contacted via email. Separate channels for contacting the sales and technical support departments are available.

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