What services do offer by Capital Security bank?

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Capital Security Bank, which is based in the private banking Cook Islands, has been providing international private banking services to clients since 1997.

They offer multi-currency call accounts, term deposits, precious metal safe custody, stock, online account trading and online debit cards. Account applications are available online, and you can access your account 24 hours a day with their online banking.

The Financial Supervisory Commission supervises and regulates Capital Security Bank Limited, which is a registered bank in the Cook Islands.

1. Current Account

Capital Security Bank is a financial institution that provides financial services to Current Accounts provides unique benefits to a variety of customer segments that require convenience and comfort when banking. By maintaining certain minimum monthly average balances, it offers a slew of free banking services. It has the following features:

  • Cash Deposits and Withdrawals.
  • Free online clearing services provided by Remote Branch.
  • Free Balance Checker Online
  • Account Statements can be printed for free online.
  • Offer free access to Security Banking Online.
2.  Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposits from CSB provide attractive short- to medium-term investment options that are flexible, convenient, and secure. There are several tenor options available, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

Their Fixed Deposits are an answer to your investment needs, with a variety of profit pay-out options and a credit facility. Customers must have a Cook Islands Bank Account in the respective currency to book a fixed deposit and receive profit.

3. Foreign Exchange

A Foreign exchange cash account with Capital Security Bank gives you access to a variety of currencies, fixed deposits, and international money transfers, all under one account number. Individuals can send money directly to any reputable foreign hospital, educational institution, or for foreign exchange purposes for travel abroad using their CSB account.

Individuals can use Capital Security Bank’s foreign exchange services to pay for medical treatment, study abroad, or obtain foreign currency while traveling abroad.

4. Offer Access To Secure Trading Platform

CSB provides its clients with access to a securities trading platform that allows them to trade on more than 40 global exchanges. Client accounts are segregated at the custodian, giving clients peace of mind about their investments.

You will have to open an account in Capital Security Bank. You’ll have secure access to your portfolio, allowing you to monitor your holdings and place buy and sell orders as needed. You’ll also see the various investment options available through the various exchanges.

There are two fees associated with this service: an asset-based account fee and trading fees based on your account’s transactions. The amount of the account or security and the exchange on which the investment is traded determine these fees.

5. Pre-Paid Debit Card Account

With a CSB Pre-Paid Debit Card Account, you’ll have safe access to your funds and a simple way to manage your money. Its Pre-Paid Debit Card Account gives you access to a USD debit card that you can use at millions of merchants around the world, including online, at point-of-sale, ATMs, cash machines, and bank machines.

Existing CSB customers should apply for a pre-paid debit card account online. If you’re not already a CSB customer and want to become one, start filling out their online account application. To keep transactions separate for accounts with multiple signatories, each signatory can have its own pre-paid debit card account.

Bottom Line

CSB has been in business for over 21 years, starting with the service of personal family trusts administered by professional trustees. The banks’ current mission is to provide top-notch Private Banking services to their customers.

Retail, commercial, and corporate banking, as well as financial markets, are among Capital Security Bank’s primary services. Financing, leasing, foreign exchange, stock brokerage, investment banking, and asset management are among its services.

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