Why Your Home Needs the Google Nest Hub Max Smart Display

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The process of smart home automation is purposeful and extensive. You must make certain lifestyle changes to incorporate your new gadgets into your routine, so that you can fully utilize the new purchases. Fortunately, smart technology itself can help you do this. A smart home hub is a device which can connect your gadgets together to create a more convenient living environment, where everything is at your fingertips. Paired with a voice assistant, this is the perfect gadget to help you get the most out of your day.

Somewhat similar to a smart speaker, a smart hub is a device focused mainly on making the home automation process easier for you. The best application of this device is done through devices which use protocols such as Zigbee or Z-Wave, rather than Wi-Fi as a communication protocol.

The Google Nest Hub is one smart hub which a lot of the gadgets in your home may be able to connect to. The following are some of its main features to help you decide whether this purchase would benefit your home.

Stay Connected

Whether it’s for personal or work-related purposes, the Google Nest Hub makes it easier to communicate with people. The best part is, it doesn’t matter where you are. From within your home, or even from outside the country, you can contact your loved ones using this gadget for much easier access. Not only can you make calls at any time, but you can even video chat with anyone by simply using voice command to call them.

Having to access your phone manually and looking through contacts to find the right person can be a distraction in the middle of a busy day. Receiving calls can break your workflow, and the Nest Hub makes sure that this process becomes as quick and efficient as possible. If you’re someone who has trouble keeping up with people and answering them on time, this gadget may be quite helpful.

Better Surveillance

Keeping an eye on your home is important for several reasons. It keeps your mind at peace, giving you a sense of security. Surveillance becomes much easier using the Google Nest Hub, since it will display whatever’s happening around your home on its 10-inch screen. This means that you can sit in your home office and have a full, productive work day while simultaneously keeping an eye on your home.

This gadget has a built-in Nest Cam. Whether you’re at work or on a trip, your home won’t be left unattended due to constant monitoring through the Hub. A live view of your selected area will always be accessible to you, which makes this an excellent security gadget as well. This will also eliminate the need for installing a separate surveillance system to keep an eye on your home at all times. By adding a Nest Aware subscription, you can even get face alerts for greater accuracy.

An Even Smarter Home

One of the Nest Hub’s most remarkable qualities is that it is compatible with thousands of other smart home gadgets, which means they can be controlled using it. Lights, doorbells, cameras, vacuum cleaners and any other gadgets you may want to control can be accessed through the Google Nest Hub. All you need to do for better control over your smart home is find gadgets which are compatible with it, which, considering its range, shouldn’t be too difficult.

A good thing about this gadget is that every member of the family can see their own schedules and reminders. It creates a personalized experience for everyone in your home, which makes it a great investment for larger families as well. You can use it to communicate small messages to members of your family while you’re away, and even get alerts if motion is detected. This way, you’ll always be in touch with those around you.


As far as entertainment goes, this gadget can help make your system much easier to control. From speakers to TVs, you can control the volume, switch them on or off or browse for something new. Combined with a smart speaker, this gadget can make attending to music a more immersive experience, which is excellent for events such as parties. The Nest Hub gives you better sound quality and greater access to all forms of media for the best entertainment.

The stereo speakers in the Hub itself allow you to view things on its screen. You can play YouTube videos or stream Netflix content; any apps you use frequently will be available on the screen so you can access them more easily. From music apps to contacts, you can use this Hub for an excellent experience with virtual entertainment.

One of the most important things to consider when building a smart home is communication. You must be able to seamlessly communicate with all your gadgets and link them together for better control, which is difficult to do manually. You’d normally have to access each individual gadget separately through its corresponding app, but with a smart home hub, this becomes much easier.

Provided that you gadget is compatible with your hub, you now have one convenient gadget through which you can control the rest of your smart home. The Google Nest Hub Max Smart Display is a versatile and reliable gadget which would be a great addition to your existing smart home.

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