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Battery Software Update Issued by Tesla after Hong Kong Vehicle Fire

Only Model S and Model X have been found to catch fire with no such incidence of Model 3.

A Tesla Model S parked in Hong Kong suddenly caught fire on its own recently. After the prevalence of such incidents in the recent past, Tesla is issuing a battery software update that will change battery charge and thermal settings in Model S and Model X. According to Tesla, a new update has been done out with tremendous precaution, which will protect batter and improve its longevity. However, over-the-air software will not be provided to Model 3 vehicles.

Although the company has not discovered the cause of the fire and found any issues with the battery pack, it says it will act if the problem is discovered. On March 14, 2019, Tesla Model S caught fire when it was parked near a shopping mall in Hong Kong. Half an hour into parking and vehicle started burning with big flames. Three explosions were caught on the CCTV footage. Although the company is pushing for a battery software update, it has reiterated that its vehicles are 10 times less likely to experience a fire than gas-powered cars.

Tesla was onsite to offer support to our customer and establish the facts of this incident,” said company spokesperson. Furthermore, the company states that only a few battery modules were affected on the Models S that caught fire, where the majority of the battery pack is undamaged. The company also noted that battery pack designed in such a manner that even if battery catches fire, it will spread slowly and vent heat away from the cabin. The aim is to give occupants time to get out of the vehicle. One thing should be noted that all fire incidences have involved Model S or Model X car, while no reporting of Model 3 vehicle.