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Facebook User base in the US decreased by 15 million since 2017, as per survey

Facebook User base in the US decreased by 15 million since 2017, as per survey
Facebook User base in the US decreased by 15 million since 2017, as per survey

Social media giant Facebook now hosts roughly 15 million fewer people from the US than it did in 2017, with the largest fall being one of adolescent and millennial demographic.

A brand new US-specific survey information published by market research company Edison Research emphasized that Facebook’s user-base has been decreasing, especially in the coveted 12- to 34-year-old in America, that had been recognized as the most lucrative market for its stage.

“Edison’s survey signal that the social network’s privacy woes and continued breaches of user trust may be having some noticeable effect on its most coveted slice of users. Also, there’s conjecture about as Facebook has become more popular among older people, whether that’s affected younger people,” TheVerge reported.

Although, one intriguing element that was detected was that entire Facebook users are awarming from the app, they’re flocking to Instagram.

“The photo-sharing platform, which by its nature collects less personal information from its users, can be a simpler, less toxic alternative to using the main Facebook service, now overrun by ads and plagued by all manner of misinformation, fake news, and other content designed to either generate clicks or influence users for political purposes. It’s also clear that Instagram has now become the hip social network of the younger generation, rivaled only (and barely) by Snapchat. There may be little Facebook can do to reverse that shift.” the report stated.

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Instagram currently counts over 1 billion worldwide users and more than 400 million monthly users of its own Snapchat-like attribute, Stories.

Facebook’s biggest rival is just another one of its products, and it appears unlikely the company will block the drop of consumers anytime soon, the report included.

Decline from the user-base doesn’t actually come as a shock since the stage was pointed at a few times because of its methods of collecting user data with no approval for advertisement targeting and discovering friends purposes that have outraged customers and privacy advocates.

The business was pulled on Tuesday on its own secure login procedure two-factor authentication (2FA) in which it asked users to include telephone numbers, which might be hunted by advertisers. The clinic drew criticism from Facebook’s former chief information security officer Alex Stamos.

Last month, Facebook allegedly made a decision to put a stop to its outstanding market study programmes after it had been discovered to have been bribing teens in India and the US to present their private info.

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