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Researchers Link Screen Time And Lifestyle Of Adolescents

Researchers study collected data to link the relationship between screen time and the lifestyle of adolescents.

A research study was published on April 5, 2019, in the journal of the Association for Psychological Science, which has brought the relationship of screen time and lifestyle of adolescents into limelight. The article published suggests that according to a data which involves 17, 000 teenagers show only little evidence concerning the subject. The widely accepted notion of the mental life of teenagers getting affected by spending hours on gaming or watching television before sleeping has been questioned by the researchers.

Amy Orben, a researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute commented, “Implementing best practice statistical and methodological techniques we found little evidence for substantial negative associations between digital-screen engagement and adolescent well-being.” The studies in the past have failed to highlight the transparent and orientated investigations concerning the proved link between the screen time and mental health of youngsters. The researchers then analyzed three data studies which involved screen time results. Only a little evidence was found as to how the prolonged use of screen was responsible for harming the mental health of individuals. The research concluded that total screen time of youngsters every day including the weekdays and weekends had very little impact on their mental health. The two hours or minimum half an hour spent uses digital gadgets did not have clear indications of hampering health.

The oxford research took research work from the UK, the US and Ireland to support its results. The research emphasized on the fact that not all participants give an accurate measure of time they spend on the digital screens. Only one-third of the participants gave the actual facts. The researchers also examined data concerning the depression symptoms, mood, psychological working and self-esteem which was provided by the youngsters. Thus, to conclude the facts, the screen time before bedtime has only a little effect on the mental health of growing youngsters.